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In this Fabulous month of March💫; we take time to SPOTLIGHT a Soror that is Oh so DeLIGHTful🥰 & always willing to SPRING🌸 into action when it comes to spreading love ❤️ & support in our Chapter! This month, our SPOTLIGHT SOROR 🔦👩🏽‍⚕️ is none other than our Chaplain Karen Tate ❤️😍.....

My first exposure to the profession of nursing came from several of my aunts that worked in the capacity of a LPN and RNs. At age 16, I started volunteering in the hospital and was exposed to children as patients. One could say that ignited my passion to care for children. I began my nursing career as medical assistant, LPN, RN with an Associate degree, then I went on to get my bachelors in nursing. I have experience in the Pediatric Cath Lab, Well Baby Nursery and Neo-Natal Intensive Care Nursery. I presently work as the Pediatric Case Manager for a health insurance company. I enjoy educating the parents of our most vulnerable populations about the benefits of their health insurance. My goal is to find the gaps or barriers to care and connect them to the many unknown resources that support their child needs. I aspire to continue working in Pediatrics and educating parents to learn more about their health care and benefits.

Karen is the ACE of the Spring 2018 Chi Chi Chi Line, “THE DeLIGHTful 5”

Line Name: SUNSHINE ☀️ 💛💚🐢

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